Behind the virus there could be a laboratory experiment that went wrong. Perhaps devised by those who wanted to hit China and underestimated the high contagiousness of COVID-19. We would therefore have gone from cyber warfare to virologic warfare. Anyone who annoys big bosses would be infected even if the weapons developed so far are still inaccurate. Or perhaps behind the coronavirus are the global financial lobbies that thanks to the mega stock market panic triggered by the pandemic (which they knew in advance) have gained unimaginable wealth. If so, then the vaccine and treatments are already there. They are just waiting for the right moment to get them out and launch a global production that promises to be among the most profitable in history. And they have already prepared for when the financial market will skyrocket. A well thought out plan. The virus was designed specifically to target only the very elderly and pre-existing disease population. Sections of population considered superfluous if not an expensive burden whose death will allow the rich world to start again as if nothing had happened. A diabolical plan designed by a perverse cocktail of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, global finance and deviated politics. The political component of the plot would also have an interest in restoring a more manageable world order thanks to fear. With terrified peoples who close themselves behind national borders and with the consequent disintegration of annoying continental unification processes such as the European one. The pandemic could also have beneficial effects in slowing the mass migrations that are going on all over the planet. The coronavirus would therefore be an extreme attempt to stem indigestible political and social global changes. Who knows. Or perhaps there would be no man behind the coronavirus. But God. A God who is fed up with the behavior of human beings and who has decided to punish them. A God irritated by an increasingly selfish and short-sighted human being who never stops producing weapons and killing each other for vain dreams of glory. A man who instead of enjoying life waste time and energy to prevail and to accumulate more and more and who has reduced the planet to a universal monument to injustice. With a handful of privileged people wallowing in a luxurious void while billions of people crawl into misery. Who knows. Who knows. Or perhaps behind the coronavirus there is a benevolent God who only wants to send a signal to humanity. Saving children and sacrificing those who are already at the epilogue of their lives and mainly men, on average more harmful. A God who wants millions of people to stop and meditate. On themselves, on their lives. Locked in their home. In front of a mirror. Feeling still fragile and helpless. Taking all the masks off their faces. Taking all the wrong ideas out of their mind. Who knows. Or perhaps God does not exist and coronavirus is one of the many natural phenomena happening periodically in the history of humanity. A phenomenon that has its own logic and even healthy. Resize a world population too large and at the same time strengthen who will have the privilege of surviving. With increasingly advanced knowledge and antibodies. Who knows. The virus could also be a kind of self-defense mechanism of the planet. To stop the species that is decimating all the others, the predator of predators that is poisoning the air and the seas and the soil, which is exploiting natural resources to the limit to produce junk useful only to entertain their petty ego. Planetary pollution that reflects the one of souls. Who knows. Or maybe God is inside us. Or maybe we are God. All of us. And we are behind this virus as the creators of everything around us. In good and bad fate. Who knows. But whatever our beliefs are, more than what’s behind this virus, what’s in front counts. An epoch-making opportunity to ask our self certain questions and radically change direction. Before it’s too late.

Tommaso Merlo